If I was involved in an incident last year, and someone files a lawsuit now, does the Teamsters Legal Defense Fund cover me?
Yes, as long as you didn’t know of the suit when you enrolled in the Teamsters Legal Defense Fund.

Will I be covered if I’m involved in more than one incident in a year which leads to criminal charges or a civil lawsuit?
Yes, Teamsters Legal Defense Fund covers you for each separate incident.

Do I have to use the same attorney for both criminal and civil cases?
No, it’s up to you which attorney you want to use. You choose the attorney that you feel will best
represent your interests in criminal or civil matters.

Does the Plan use paralegals?
NO. The Plan uses only licensed attorneys to provide criminal or civil defense.

If I use a non-plan attorney, do I pay deductible?
No, the legal defense fund gives first minute coverage no matter what attorney you choose. You do not pay upfront costs or deductibles.

Does the plan protect us if we are off duty or moonlighting?
Yes, as long as you are acting in the capacity of a law enforcement officer you are covered . . . 24/7

If my employer and I are both being sued, and my employer provides me an attorney, will I still be covered by the plan?
 Yes, it is important that your rights are protected by an attorney who is there to represent only your interests.

Will I be covered if I’m involved in more than one incident in the year?
Yes, the plan covers you for each incident, no matter how many occur.